Our English Longhorns cattle are a hardy breed that has been around for centuries. As well as great looks, they have strong individual characters and strong herding / teamwork instincts. As far as possible they live as multi generational family groups, which reinforces their natural herding and organisational instincts. We have one bull who thinks he's the boss but the older cows take a different view.

Our sheep are rare breed pedigree Manx Loaghtan. They are a small native breed and compliment our cattle by both sharing and rotating fields.

Our herd is amongst the largest of this breed and as such is an important genetic ark. The sheep are a fantastic sight both as a roaming herd and individually with their yellow eyes and long necks.

We keep some rare breed pigs because they can roam in our otherwise unused woodlands. We move the pigs and their shelters to different parts of the woodland periodically so they can access fresh roots and so the forest floor can regenerate.

If you ever feel down, spend time with a pig and you won't be feeling down for long! Happy pigs, happy woodland, happy farm.

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